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ISO Project Roadmap

This module helps organisations determine and manage the required tasks of the ISO Management System certification project through an end-to-end roadmap.


This Document Library is a comprehensive and organised board designed to streamline and simplify the management of all the documents used by your organisation.

Business Management

This module helps the management team understand the context of the organisation, set strategies, objectives and targets, and review and improve the organisational performance.

Legal Compliance Management

This module helps organisations identify, review and evaluate the level of compliance with the legal and other requirements related to the ISO Standards or other frameworks.

InfoSec Risk Management

This module helps organisations identify information security risks by considering the threats and vulnerabilities, assessing them, taking actions to address them and evaluating the effectiveness of the actions.

Change Management

This module helps organisations identify, determine, document, and manage the required changes in a planned manner.

Asset Management

This module helps the organisation identify, document, and manage its assets and maintain them through a maintenance system.

Human Resource Management

This module helps organisations manage hiring and contract, onboarding, competency and training, leave and payroll, performance review, satisfaction surveys, etc.

Communication Management

This module helps organisations determine and manage internal and external communications and manage one-way and two-wat interactive communication with interested parts through news, blogs, votes, etc.

Documented Information Management

This module helps organisations manage the creation, updating, and control of documented information, such as Manuals, Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions, Handbooks, Forms, etc.

Audits Management

This module helps organisations plan, establish, implement and maintain an audit programme including planning, execution, communication and reporting of internal and external audits.

Nonconformity Management

This module helps organisations react to nonconformities and correct them, analyse their causes, and implement corrective actions as applicable to prevent reoccurance of them.

Identity and Access Management

This module helps organisation manage access levels, users’ identity Users’ authentication and access to the pysical location , as applicable.

Suppliers' Security Management

This module helps organisations manage the information security risks associated with the use of suppliers’ products or services, including evaluations, SLA, communications, etc.

InfoSec Incident Management

This module helps organisations plan and prepare for managing information security events and incidents from identification and reporting to conducting required actions.

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